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Some years ago I started to ponder the nature of life. What am I? A question closely related to: What are you? I have often wondered about what someone else is as in: “what planet are they on”! But here I mean in a more profound way. Then I quickly stumbled over a related imponderable of what is everything else: What is this Universe? Followed by the equally big one of: How can I know the answers? Can we know anything with certainty? What is the nature of Knowledge? Where could I go for answers?

There are many volumes of philosophy and I have not read them all nor even a large or extensive number of them but what I have read did not satisfy my search for answers. I feel that most times philosophy adds more complication than clarity. Latter day philosophers appear to shroud their lack of any real answers with an impenetrable language of ill-defined concepts and jargon. It would appear there are as many philosophies of life as there are philosophers!

Religions have clear answers. Unfortunately, there are different answers for each religion and cult. Perhaps too many answers and how do you pick from all the religious answers the right one? Also, none of the solutions they promote seem to me to convince, and all religious formulations give rise to more questions than solid answers.

Science has many answers to many questions, particularly around the What is this Universe? question. But, by its nature, science has answers for only specific details and not the big questions such as these. Scientists, mostly, seem to shy away from the big questions, leaving them to philosophy and sometimes to religion.

So, as I can’t seem to find any satisfactory answers to my three questions I have written a book to give my own answers, grounded in philosophy, science and religion but building from basic axioms and propositions. The book is Modelling Mind was published in 2020.

Modelling Mind builds from two basic axioms through justified propositions to answers to the three questions:

  • What am I?
  • What is this Universe?
  • How can I know the answers?

This site provides my blogs around this subject

I am also starting a new book on practical insights into life called Words of Wisdom. This book will comprise a series of practical ideas to keep in mind as we tackle the problems and opportunities life throws our way.

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