Intuition: Its Pros and Cons

It is a common human failing that we assume we have knowledge of facts that we can't possibly have. We often describe this is as our intuition. Sometimes we leap to a conclusion and when we look for evidence we find there is ample, well-founded sources to support this leap. In this way we could … Continue reading Intuition: Its Pros and Cons


Ockam’s Razor

Ockam's Razor is normally stated: "Among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be preferred." Also known by the Latin "lex parsimoniae" the heuristic is attributed to William of Ockham (also Occam) who was a Franciscan friar (1287–1347) and an influential medieval philosopher (see first link below).  However, the form of words attributed … Continue reading Ockam’s Razor