Modelling Mind Book Published

I am very pleased to announce that my Modelling Mind Book is now published and available from Amazon worldwide in both Kindle and paperback formats. Click on the button below to access Amazon in the UK or USA. For other Amazon areas, search “Modelling Mind” or “Stephen Male”.

Modelling Mind investigates how we can know what life is, even if there is any meaning to life? But before we can answer this question, we need to first understand the answers to three vital questions:

  • What am I?
  • What is this universe?
  • Can I ever know the answers?

We all ponder these matters at some times:

  • Perhaps we think of these matters when we contemplate our death?
  • Or when a close friend or relation dies, we wonder “what am I?” Is there an afterlife or is this it?
  • Maybe when we consider our children and grandchildren and their uncertain future we turn to these questions and ponder what is their future and how do they and we fit into this strange existence of ours?
  • Or maybe it’s when we look around us and sense some inconsistencies in what we see and believe.
  • Perhaps when gazing up at the stars and galaxies, we wonder at the extreme vastness of the cosmos, reinforcing how truly insignificant we are.
  • Yet, we all believe we are significant in some fundamental way.

Modelling Mind looks at how we can approach these fundamental questions in a way that doesn’t lose you in esoteric jargon, and starts from basic ideas everyone can understand, then builds on them to arrive at some answers. Armed with the answers to the three questions, Modelling Mind then discusses what might be the meaning of life.


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