Modelling Mind is Well Received

Modelling Mind was published last month on Amazon and has been well received. It is available as a Kindle eBook and a paperback from:

There have been a number of favourable reviews. These include:

The word philosophy comes from the ancient Greek (philosophia) meaning a love of wisdom. Stephen Male’s book, Modelling Mind, attests his devotion to the fundamental study of knowledge, reality and existence. The author asks important questions about who we are, what is this universe, and how do we view it. He questions our beliefs by using familiar examples from his own experiences, and challenges readers to question the perception of our own reality. The book doesn’t promise to have answers for the questions; what it promises is a fascinating insight into a philosophical mind, and an understanding of how we can work towards our own answers. Modelling Mind is well written and informative with references to a wealth of complex research. The Model diagrams are clear and easy to follow, and effectively enhance the book’s message. Stephen Male has written a book which is accessible to everyone who has an interest about the world, society, our decisions. It encourages us to think. And, written in a way the reader can relate to. As an artist, one of my favourite parts of the book is the questions about art – what is it? I would highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever asked the question – What are we?

Bea Hutchings

“I liked the delightful combination of philosophy, science, logic and humanities, spiced with the occasional drily humorous comment. There is depth here, but the way some of it is described using pets and everyday objects make this easy to understand.

The author describes comprehensively his theory of how people use their minds to optimise survival, make sense of the immediate world, and consider the wider questions, such as our place in the scheme of things.

I particularly liked the chapters on artificial intelligence, religion, morals and ethics, truth, free will and governance.”

Penny McInnes

I liked this book’s refreshingly new look at some of the most profound puzzles in philosophy: What is the nature of the human mind, and how do our minds relate to the wider universe? Starting from clearly defined axioms, a number of propositions are explored in depth.

The author takes a close look at the sensory apparatus which acts as the interface between our minds and the external world, and considers the nature of reality, truth and knowledge as perceived by the mind. Our emotions, evolution, ethics and the nature of identity and free will are also explored in some detail. The author develops his own Model Theory, which takes a functional approach to the concept of the mind.

I enjoyed the broad-ranging coverage of many aspects of the most complex and mysterious object in the universe: the human mind. The writing style is clear and the arguments presented are easy to follow: an engrossing and fascinating read!

Graham Marett

The True Untruth About Truth’ — the title for chapter 3, for me, encapsulates the spirit of this mighty tome.
‘Modelling Mind’ is a fascinating, inquisitive, authoritative and wide-ranging evaluation of the Mind. I very much enjoyed the clarity and balance that Male brings to this subject. He invites you, on every page, to step back, to re-evaluate, and challenge the way the world is perceived. The scope and aspiration in ‘Modelling Mind’ is broad and ambitious, concluding with musings on how to be happy. ‘The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is…’ Read Stephen Male’s book and you will be better equipped to make that decision yourself.

Paul Joyce

I’d like to thank all of these readers for their kind words, and urge you all to look up Modelling Mind on your Amazon site, it’s available in a number of countries as well as the UK and USA. You can read the the first chapter and a substantial part of the second to get a flavour of the book and I hope it appeals.


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