Signing Off

Well it’s time for me to sign off now and end this series of blogs.

It’s been fun to do this series, but a combination of factors means I’m now going to concentrate on other projects. Modelling Mind is still front and centre in my ongoing activities and my book Modelling Mind is still, and always will be, available from Amazon. Just Amazon search for Modelling Mind. Or click the links below.

My next book will be published shortly called Life Models. This book brings together 50+ Models that are good to know as you are confronted by life. Ideas and concepts (Models) that can and do help us to figure out what to do when difficult or baffling situations arise. Things that are simply good to know while you navigate the complexities of your life.

After that I will be publishing a book provisionally called Re-Modelling Mind that will provide ideas and guidance how to change your Mind and hence your life. Based on the ideas laid out in Modelling Mind, this will be a guide how to change your Mind and hence your life for the better.

You are predominantly your MInd, so to change your life for the better you need to change your MInd. This book, Re-Modelling Mind, will help you to do this.

So thanks for reading this blog over the years, and I hope you keep that enquiring nature and all good things come to you.

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