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Stephen F Male BSc MBA

Steve Male is interested in the fundamentals of what we humans are.  Do we have souls or spirits or are we biological machines?  Whilst there are many answers to these questions found in the world’s religions, cults and philosophy none seemed to satisfy entirely.  To know the answers, we also need to understand what the basis for knowledge is.

So with a copious supply of coffee Steve is setting out to answer those most fundamental of all questions for himself:

  • What am I?
  • What is this Universe?
  • Can I ever know the answers?

In the process, he is also trying to answer them for you.

Steve is now retired after a career, originally as an electronic & computer systems engineer, then a businessman & company director and more recently a local government councillor in the UK. Steve has a first degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Portsmouth University and a Masters in Business Administration from City University, London.

For more on Steve see an interview conducted in October 2021 HERE