Signing Off

Well it's time for me to sign off now and end this series of blogs. It's been fun to do this series, but a combination of factors means I'm now going to concentrate on other projects. Modelling Mind is still front and centre in my ongoing activities and my book Modelling Mind is still, and … Continue reading Signing Off

Modern Puritanism

The term puritanism is normally associated with austere and strict adherence to a specific, and supposedly pure, form of religion. Normally a Calvinistic form of Protestantism. However puritanism can be used to embrace other and different sets of strict beliefs. Traditional puritanism is characterised by having a certainty of belief that you are absolutely and … Continue reading Modern Puritanism

Modelling Mind Book Published

I am very pleased to announce that my Modelling Mind Book is now published and available from Amazon worldwide in both Kindle and paperback formats. Click on the button below to access Amazon in the UK or USA. For other Amazon areas, search "Modelling Mind" or "Stephen Male". Modelling Mind UK Modelling Mind USA Modelling … Continue reading Modelling Mind Book Published