Coincidence, Correlation & Causation

Sometimes things happen or occur that seem to be related in some way. There is a hierarchy of possibilities of what may be the reason. CoincidenceCorrelationCausation The first, and often most likely, is that it is a coincidence and nothing more. Having tossed a coin and got a head does not alter the probability of … Continue reading Coincidence, Correlation & Causation

Expert Opinion

It is surely self-evident that the opinions of an expert on a matter in which they have expertise are of value. If an atomic scientist offers a description of how an atom is structured then that view must surely have more merit than someone not trained nor experienced in the structure of atoms. It is … Continue reading Expert Opinion

Modern Puritanism

The term puritanism is normally associated with austere and strict adherence to a specific, and supposedly pure, form of religion. Normally a Calvinistic form of Protestantism. However puritanism can be used to embrace other and different sets of strict beliefs. Traditional puritanism is characterised by having a certainty of belief that you are absolutely and … Continue reading Modern Puritanism