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Evidence for Evidence

In an earlier post, "How Can We Gain Knowledge" (May 2020), I argued that the primary, if not only, way we can justify our knowledge or belief is by the evidence that supports the knowledge or belief. However not all evidence is of equal worth, so what makes some evidence better than others. Confirmability: if … Continue reading Evidence for Evidence


Weasel Words

Many individuals, not least in the media, use ambiguous, inexplicit "Weasel Words" such as: may, might, could, can, scientists have shown that… They all have the same effect of presenting as true things that are not necessarily valid. For example newspapers, particularly popular tabloids, often run articles along the lines of: Alcohol Kills Studies at … Continue reading Weasel Words

Modelling Mind Book Published

I am very pleased to announce that my Modelling Mind Book is now published and available from Amazon worldwide in both Kindle and paperback formats. Click on the button below to access Amazon in the UK or USA. For other Amazon areas, search "Modelling Mind" or "Stephen Male". Modelling Mind UK Modelling Mind USA Modelling … Continue reading Modelling Mind Book Published

Is an Argument from Analogy Helpful

Often analogies can be good ways of communicating. If it is raining heavily I could say “it’s raining heavily” or perhaps I could use an analogy “it’s raining cats & dogs”. This a perfectly reasonable use of analogy to underline the point I wish to make with perhaps greater force and imagery. However, analogies are … Continue reading Is an Argument from Analogy Helpful

Nothing is impossible to someone who doesn’t have to do it.

I commonly observe it that having no responsibility for implementation leads to impossible plans. In meetings when plans are being discussed, often those without the responsibility for their implementation will argue for much tougher targets and objectives (to the point of fantasy) than those that have to do it. Often in relationships one partner will suggest a plan … Continue reading Nothing is impossible to someone who doesn’t have to do it.