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Best or Least Worse 2

In my previous blog "Best or Least Worse 1", I argued that many problems that confront us in the real world do not have simple solutions and that in reality we are searching for the least worse solution rather than trying to optimise and achieve a perfect solution. Today I want to further consider two … Continue reading Best or Least Worse 2

Best or Least Worse 1

In life we often seek to solve problems and do the best we can. Often we, others and the media couch a discussion as a need to do our best, solving problems and achieving success. We think of solutions as panaceas for the problems that confront us. But is this approach realistic or make any … Continue reading Best or Least Worse 1

Ockam’s Razor

Ockam's Razor is normally stated: "Among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be preferred." Also known by the Latin "lex parsimoniae" the heuristic is attributed to William of Ockham (also Occam) who was a Franciscan friar (1287–1347) and an influential medieval philosopher (see first link below).  However, the form of words attributed … Continue reading Ockam’s Razor